SOS logoMANY Thanks to our loyal & GENEROUS supporters who made this event a HUGE Success!

The proceeds from this event brought us 96% of the way to meeting our Ed & Cathy Rasmuson – Soar to New Heights 2014-15 Season Goal
BRAVI tutti!

On the evening of April 25, 2015 we presented our first annual Simultaneous Suppers & Soirée of Support (SOS Dinners)! On that single night many prominent members of Anchorage society, and loyal supporters of Anchorage Opera, invited guests to enjoy dinner with them in their private homes so that individual, yet simultaneous, supper parties occured throughout the city. Following this superb ‘overture’ portion of the evening, the event continued as all hosts and guests united for a very special ‘intermezzo’ of elegant desserts, coffee and a Silent Auction at the beautiful ConocoPhillips Atrium.

The grand ‘coda’ of the evening was a delightful concert, in the stunning atrium space, by celebrated artists Kate Egan, soprano and Juliana Osinchuk, pianist…(with additional guest artists, Rachel Hastings, Braydon Perrupato, Joshua Roach and Jonathan Chronister) which received cries of ‘encore’! Thank you to all these wonderful artists for giving of their rime & talents to support Anchorage Opera’s cause at this important event!