Performance Dates

Friday, April 26, 2024 @ 8:00 PM – Discovery Theatre in the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts
Saturday, April 27, 2024 @ 8:00 PM – Discovery Theatre in the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts
Sunday, April 28, 2024 @ 4:00 PM – Discovery Theatre in the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts

In Italian with English Supertitles

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Rave Review!

American Presswire‘s Ahsan Awan was in the house to review the opera! His “Forever Fabulous, Anchorage Opera Dazzles Again” is full of praise for the cast and the production!

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Review highlights: Acclaimed Stage Director Laura Alley’s incredible take on Verdi’s masterful composition weaves together melodic richness and emotional depth, creating a tapestry of human experience that resonates across generations…

Anchorage Opera General Director Ben Robinson’s incredible eye for talent brings an exquisite combination of new and familiar names to the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts.

Soprano Andrea Baker is quite likely breaking out right here and right now in what has been called her star-turn role. This is both her Anchorage Opera debut and her specific role debut as Violetta… Baker nails it. Her voice shimmers and shines as bright as the jewels bedazzling the women and costumes of the era, and it grips the heart of the audience as she brings her character to life and takes them through Violetta’s journey of love, pain, tragedy and redemption.

Tenor Peter Drackley, a returning artist and fan-favorite in Anchorage, delivers a powerful and soul-squeezing performance as Violetta’s lover, Alfredo. His voice carries to the back of the balcony and frames a brilliant command performance on stage as he wins the love and heart of Violetta through soaring and tender performance that moves even the most stoic to tears.

Dennis Jesse, Baritone, who plays Alfredo’s loving yet judgmental father, Germont, makes his Anchorage Opera debut as well…Jesse’s incredible poise and stage presence brings balance to the complex role of a father whose love for his son is clouded by his rigid ideals…

Isaiah Musik-Ayala, Bass-Baritone, who is also making his Anchorage Opera debut, portrays the Barone…[his] deep and compelling voice rattles the seat backs in the orchestra as he fights to keep Violetta all to himself.

Audiences will see the cast rounded out by familiar local talent in both principal and chorus roles, including Lisa Willis who lights up the stage as charming socialite Flora; Phil Cheasebro as Flora’s devoted Marquese (and a very convincing bull); Luke Honeck as faithful friend Gastone, who instigates the lovers’ meeting; Kimberly Hayes as Annina, Violetta’s maid who remains loyal and devoted to the end; and Kyle Gantz, the concerned doctor who sadly does not have a cure. The marvelous all-local chorus embraces the debauchery of the time as the rhinestones sparkle and champagne flows like there’s no tomorrow…
esteemed Principal Conductor Brian DeMaris and his orchestra once again deliver a performance for the ages…
Under the stage management of the always excellent Helen Irene Muller, a fabulous cast and crew has once again created a truly splendid and world class operatic showpiece.

The beauty of Anchorage Opera, of course, is that while maintaining such excellence, it also provides a welcoming space for both local talent and traveling artists to create a magnificent experience. Our heroine with a heart of gold may indeed succumb to mortal demise resulting from her own consumption, but with “La Traviata” we see that in an era marked by rapid social change and shifting moral landscapes, this story remains as relevant as ever, inviting audiences to contemplate the enduring truths of human experience. The story’s timeless message of love, sacrifice, and the struggle against societal judgment continues to resonate, reminding us of the profound power of compassion, forgiveness, and empathy in navigating the complexities of the human heart.


Photo Gallery 

La Traviata was a  feast for the eyes as well as the ears!
Final Dress Rehearsal photos: Ahsan Awan

About La Traviata

“No sacrifice is too great for true love…or is it?”

Violetta has it all. A glamorous life of endless parties and frivolous pleasures. Every man in Paris adores her but only one, Alfredo, truly loves her. In a heartbeat she trades life in the fast-lane for a happily-ever-after life with him in the countryside. Until reality comes knocking in the form of Alfredo’s father, reminding her there’s no escaping a soiled reputation and the only path forward is one of ultimate sacrifice. Returning to high society, she breaks the heart of the man she’ll love to her dying breath. But will Alfredo discover the truth in time for a last reunion or has the clock finally run out for them? Verdi’s sublime, soaring saga of passion, love and loss will tug at your heartstrings and never let go!

In Italian with English supertitles


Place: Paris and its vicinity.

Act I – Violetta’s home in Paris
At a party she is hosting, the courtesan Violetta Valéry is introduced to young Alfredo Germont. Violetta suddenly feels ill but assures her guests that she is fine. Alfredo, left alone with Violetta, confesses that he has loved her from afar for a year. She initially dismisses him, but is touched by his sincerity. After Alfredo and the other party guests leave, Violetta reflects on her feelings for him and on what life would be like if she accepted his love. But she cuts short her fantasy and rededicates herself to the pursuit of pleasure.

Act II – in the countryside
For three months, Violetta and Alfredo have been living together in the country. Alfredo learns that Violetta has been selling her possessions in order to pay their expenses, so he leaves for Paris to make other financial arrangements. Germont, Alfredo’s father, unexpectedly visits, demanding that Violetta leave Alfredo so that his sister’s impending marriage will not be threatened by scandal. Violetta first objects but finally, in spite of her love for Alfredo, promises to renounce him forever. She writes Alfredo a letter ending their relationship, but before she can depart, Alfredo returns and is confused by her agitated state. After Violetta leaves, he reads her letter. Germont returns and tries to comfort his son, but Alfredo decides to confront Violetta.

Act III – Flora’s home in Paris
At a soiree given by Violetta’s friend Flora Bervoix, the guests are surprised by Alfredo’s arrival. Violetta soon appears with Baron Douphol, her new lover. Alfredo gambles with the gentlemen, pretending not to notice Violetta, who is alarmed by his belligerent behavior. Fearing for his safety, Violetta begs Alfredo to leave, but he demands that she leave with him. When Violetta refuses, Alfredo summons the other guests and publicly humiliates Violetta. Germont arrives and denounces his son’s behaviour. The Baron challenges Alfredo to a duel.

Act IV – Violetta’s home in Paris
Violetta is now gravely ill, and Doctor Grenvil confides to Annina, her servant, that Violetta will not live much longer. Violetta rereads a letter from Germont informing her that Alfredo fled after wounding the Baron in the duel, but that he now knows of her sacrifice and is hurrying to her side. Alfredo arrives, begging Violetta’s forgiveness. The lovers dream of resuming their life together, but fate intervenes.

The Cast

Production Team

Andrea Baker – Violetta Valéry

Dennis Jesse – Giorgio Germont

Kimberly Hayes – Annina

Isaiah Musik-Ayala – Barone Douphol

Kyle Gantz – Dottore Grenvil

Brewster Jamieson – Flora’s servant / Commissioner

Lisa Willis – Flora Bervoix

Luke Honeck
 – Gastone de Letorières

Phil Cheasebro – Marchese d’Obigny

Jeremy Sivitz – Giuseppe

Brian DeMaris – AO Principal Conductor

Cedar Cussins Lighting Design

Elle Janecek – Hair & Makeup Design

Richard Gordon Chorus Master

Laura AlleyStage Director

Lauren Miller – Set Design

Kaeli Braden – Costume Coordinator

Helen Irene Muller – Stage Manager

Andrea AndersonAssistant Stage Manager

Free Pre-Opera Talks

Plan to join us one hour before each performance of La Traviata to learn interesting background, and fascinating insights into this blockbuster favorite. We are proud to present our colleague in the arts, Zach Milliman, as your Pre-Opera Talk Host for La Traviata.

Friday, April 26 at 7:00 pm in the Discovery Theatre Parterre
Saturday, April 27 at 7:00 pm in the Discovery Theatre Parterre
Sunday, April 28 at 3:00 pm in the Discovery Theatre Parterre

Free Student Dress Rehearsal

Anchorage Opera would like to open the final dress rehearsal to K-12 students at no cost for our production of La Traviata by Verdi on April 24, 2024 at 7:00 pm performed in Italian with projected Supertitles in English. Seating is limited. We will do our best to accommodate any K-12 student that would like to come, however some parties may receive fewer tickets than requested based on availability.

CLICK HERE to request your vouchers.

As this is a coveted event for many schools in the Anchorage area, please do not request more tickets than you will use. If you are promised a certain number of tickets and find you will not be able to use them all, please contact us as soon as possible so that people on the wait list can be notified and make arrangements to attend.

We hope to see a full house of  K-12 Students there! BRAVO