Performance Dates

Saturday, April 7 @ 8:00 PM – Atwood Concert Hall in the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts 
Sunday, April 8 @ 4:00 PM – Atwood Concert Hall in the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts


Photo Gallery

All the wild & wacky FUN of our production of Bernstein’s Candide  beautifully captured by AO Official Photographer, Kathleen Benke


About Candide

Candide by Leonard Bernstein

Based on the novella of the same name by Voltaire
Book by Hugh Wheeler

A GLITTERING 100TH ANNIVERSARY PRODUCTION AWAITS. Fast-paced, funny, and philosophical, Anchorage Opera joins nationwide celebrations of Leonard Bernstein’s 100th birthday. Based on the novella by Voltaire, Candide sets off with his friends to find the true meaning of life. Their exploits along the way, including separation, war, mistaken identity, kidnapping, murder, and a shipwreck, but they never give up their search for truth in this “best of all possible worlds.” A joint production with the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra, Charles Prince Conductor, (student and personal friend of Leonard Bernstein, and son of the famous Broadway Director, Hal Prince), with Stage Direction by Cyrano’s Producing Artistic Director, Teresa K. Pond. Full of soaring arias and the rightly celebrated Overture, which has become one of Bernstein’s signature pieces, Candide is a treat for opera and Broadway fans alike.

In English with English supertitles

Bernstein’s CANDIDE New York City Opera Version. By arrangement with Boosey and Hawkes, Inc., Sole Agent for Leonard Bernstein Music Publishing Company LLC, publisher and copyright owner.

Bernstein Conducting “Candide” — Overture

One of Leonard Bernstein‘s last performances, which includes him addressing the audience about “the reason for Candide“. A tale of earthquakes & Voltaire in the Age of Enlightenment, followed by the incomparable Overture as the composer intended it to be performed!

The Cast

Production Team

Daniel Bates – Candide

Sharleen Joynt – Cunegonde

Charles Prince – Conductor

Teresa K. Pond – Stage Director / Choreographer / Co-Set Designer

Curt Olds – Dr. Pangloss / Voltaire / Buisnessman / 2nd Gambler / Sage

Victoria Livengood – Old Lady

Chorus Master – Richard Gordon

Cedar Cussins – Lighting Designer

Rachel Zatcoff – Paquette

Peter Kendall Clark – Baron / Grand Inquisitor / Slave Driver / Pasha-Prefect


Stage Manager –
Emily Butzi

Stacy Tanner
Assistant Stage Manager

Jonathan Hays – Maximilian

Paul Rios – Huntsman / 2nd Bulgarian Soldier / Heresy Agent / Governor’s Aide

Anna Cometa – Pink Sheep 1 / Female Slave

Tim Fosket – Lion / Old Don / Pirate

Kyle Gantz – Servant of Maximillian  (Hugo) / 1st Bulgarian Soldier (Radu) / Judge / Jew (Don Issachar) / Father Bernard / 1st Gambler

Katie Strock – Baroness / Female Slave

Lisa Willis – Pink Sheep 2

Nick LynchBulgarian Soldier / Executioner / Pirate
Warren WeinsteinWestphalian Soldier / 2nd Heresy Agent / Pirate
Denny Wells3rd Heresy Agent / Sailor 
John Fraser, Phillip Woods – Old Dons
Robert UpdegroveOld Don / Sailor
Heidi Herbert-Lovern – Westphalian Soldier / Pirate
Catie Bartlett, Karlee Dolphin – Whores
Kaeli Braden, Carolyn Morris – Female Slaves
Allison Ackles, Chris BrancheDancer Couple / Heretics


Hair & Make-up Designer –
Elle Janecek

Matt Smith – Technical Director / Co-Set Designer

Costume Coordinator – Lynn Murphy

Kaie Promish – Costume Shop Consultant

The Chorus

Amanda Boger, Anna Cometa, Trudy Gantz, Jordan McCready, Vivian Mendenhall, Kaylee Miltersen, Carolyn Morris

Mezzo Soprano
Catie Bartlett, Kaeli Braden, Karlee Dolphin, Heidi Herbert-Lovern, Katie Strock, Lisa Willis

John Fraser, Andrew Gray, Dustin Jorgensen, Robert Updegrove, Phillip Woods

Bass / Baritone
Tim Fosket, Kyle Gantz, Paul Rios, Warren Weinstein, Denny Wells



Act 1

In the castle of Baron Thunder-Ten-Tronck in Westphalia, Dr. Pangloss tutors four children based on his philosophy that ‘all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds.’  The children are Cunegonde and Maximilian, the beautiful daughter and son of the Baron, Paquette, a servant girl, and Candide, a bastard cousin. Candide and Cunegonde fall in love and once their feelings are discovered, Candide is banished from Barony and tricked into joining the Bulgarian army to ravage his own homeland. After many misadventures, Candide is borne to Portugal where he discovers Pangloss, now a beggar, and both are sentenced before the Spanish Inquisition. An Old Lady leads Candide away and eventually presents him to her mistress who happens to be Cunegonde.

Act 2

The three of them set forth on a harrowing journey to the New World. Meanwhile, in the New World, the Governor of Cartagena, Colombia purchases Maximilian (disguised as a woman) and Paquette as concubines. The Governor falls for Maximilian and is so disgusted upon learning his true gender he decides to sell him to a monastery. Candide eventually arrives at the monastery in the New World and inadvertently stabs Maximilian and runs off into the jungle with Paquette. After further misadventures, the Old Lady helps Candide find Cunegonde, who has since become a prostitute in a gambling casino, so he buys her and the newly brought back to life Maximilian, who happens to be working there as a house slave. Destitute but re-united, the four go to see a wise man that turns out to be Dr. Pangloss. Their old teacher reveals his new plan for happiness to the quartet: man must ‘work from dawn til’ dusk, in the fields, patiently learning to make his garden grow.

Plot summary courtesy of Boosey and Hawkes, Inc. (publisher of the 1982 New York City Opera version)

Free “Words on Music” (Pre-Operetta Lecture)

Plan to join us one hour before each performance of Candide as Anchorage Symphony Orchestra Education Consultant, Susan Wingrove-Reed, gives a Pre-Operetta lecture on the music and personalities of Leonard Bernstein‘s beloved comic masterpiece

Saturday, April 7 at 7:00 pm in the Atwood Concert Hall (Orchestra Level)
Sunday, April 8 at 3:00 pm in the Atwood Concert Hall (Orchestra Level)


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