Carmen is the passionate tale of a bewitching Gypsy seductress and the Spanish soldier who forsakes everything for her love. Bizet’s immortal score overflows with famously intoxicating melodies and captivating dances. This riveting drama of love, jealousy, and betrayal is one of the world’s most popular operas. Carmen: sensual, seductive, irresistible!

In French with English titles.

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 Aklaq and Nayak (An Alaska Native Adaptation of Hansel and Gretel)

The story features the adventures of brother and sister Aklaq and Nayak as they venture out into the tundra to look for food. Raven and Snowy Owl follow, sometimes acting as guides and protectors. But when the children come to the house of the Goblin Woman, they must use their own courage and resourcefulness to escape her evil clutches! The story emphasizes the importance of respect for the land, bravery, and love to overcome hardships and adversity.


María de Buenos Aires

Sensual and pulsing to the beat of Argentine tango, María de Buenos Aires erupts with passion. This mesmerizing tale of a woman totally consumed by desire and her reckless search for love and freedom intoxicates the eye and ear. Piazzolla’s seductive score is irresistible and electrifying, and Ferrer’s poetry is compelling and provocative. Like the tango itself, María de Buenos Aries entwines you in its fierce embrace and never lets you go! In Spanish with English titles.

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The Mikado

The Mikado is laugh out loud fun for the entire family. In this popular operetta by the masters of the genre, Gilbert and Sullivan, Victorian England meets an imaginary imperial Japan. Sparkling satire, famous melodies, and captivating silliness abound in this topsy-turvy tale of misadventures. Leave your worries behind and journey to a land of lotus blossoms, levity, and laughter with The Mikado!

In English with English titles.

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