Artists Fund – “Missing

The postponement of our Missing production impacts our company financially and the longer we waited to hit the brakes on it the more it would do so, with a high probability of having to postpone anyway, as COVID cases in our cast and team, necessitating quarantines of all exposed, and extending beyond the performance dates were very likely. Please help Anchorage Opera support our artists who continue to struggle with their livelihoods during the pandemic. We feel we owe it to them to compensate them in part. All of them cleared their schedules to perform with us, sometimes turning down other work, and all have already invested a great deal of time and effort in their preparations. They are our family, and we cannot leave them in the lurch.

But this was not in our budget and these payments are in addition to their compensation when we reschedule our production

All funds raised from this dedicated campaign go directly to support our Missing Artists, Orchestra Musicians, Stage Director, Conductor, Designers and Technical Team in light of the postponement of our production. Opera with all its ‘moving parts’ and opera singers in particular have proven to be one of the most efficient means of spreading the virus. Our artists love Anchorage Opera and they love our community. Won’t you show them your love in return and help them survive financially to perform with us again?

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Missing Artists

Stellar local artists you know and love, including:
Kira Neta Apaachuaq Eckenweiler (Native Girl)
Zaide Manzano (Native Mother)
Luke Honeck (Devon)
Kate Bass (Ava)
Helen Irene Muller Stage Manager


World-renowned artists assembled for our USA premiere production, including:

Marion Newman – (Dr. Wilson)

Evan Korbut (Angus Wilde / Native Student)
Camille Sherman (Jess)
Timothy Long– Conductor
Shannon R. Davis – Stage Director
Réal Vargas Alanis – Associate Stage Director
Scott Holdredge – Lighting/Projection Co-Designer
Greg Mitchell– Lighting/Projection Co-Designer
The entire Missing Orchestra Musicians
ALL of them are amazing artists!
Anchorage Opera is on a mission to Enrich. Inspire. Educate. Collaborate & Build Community…(one note at a time). But we can’t do it without your help. Orchestra, soloists, chorus, conductors, stage directors, dancers, sets, costumes, lighting, hair & make-up, tech crew, etc. all make opera the most expensive art form to produce, but isn’t it worth it? We think so!
Opera is the ultimate team sport…thank you for being on our team and THANK YOU for supporting our artists!
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