About the Event

The annual ArtWorks Anchorage Day, a community wide arts all day-open house, was back on Saturday, September 25. All across Anchorage arts organizations, artists, and the community as a whole discovered, shared, and celebrated art. Participating organizations opened their doors to give you a taste of what they have to offer. Artists showcased their art. Everyone was invited to participate and discovered new ways to interact with our amazing arts community right here in Anchorage.

Anchorage Opera hosted Facebook live virtual tours of our Costume and Scene Shops as we’re continuing to build our postponed Pirates of Penzance production, and a chance to “Meet the Artists” (virtually) as they chatted about themselves, their careers and why they love our Anchorage arts community! If you missed the event you can still watch the videos anytime at the links below! BRAVI TUTTI!  

Costume & Scene Shop ToursPirates of Penzance
Get a glimpse of ‘the MAGIC in the making’ as we build the whimsical sets & colorful costumes for our Pirates of Penzance production. Meet our team & see what it takes to go from the shop to the stage.

Lindsay Ohse, “Mabel” in Pirates of Penzance
Meet our leading lady as she demonstrates what a MULTI-talent she is (and why we all love her so much!)



Brian DeMaris, Principal Conductor
Meet our Pirates of Penzance Conductor! Brian can’t wait to come back to Alaska and we can’t wait to have him (and his baton) back on the podium!

Katie Eakes, Principal Bassist 
Meet our Principal Bassist for our Pirates of Penzance orchestra! Katie loves her view of the stage from the pit and sharing the world of opera with her students!

Curt Olds, “Pirate King” in Pirates of Penzance
Meet our swashbuckling “Pirate King” in the Pirates of Penzance! Well known to Anchorage audiences and the around the world, we can’t wait for Curt’s return to our stage!

Dawn Lindsay, Concert Master
Meet the Concert Master for our Pirates of Penzance orchestra! Dawn loves how opera brings ALL the art forms together and we’re so lucky to have her help keep the orchestra in perfect harmony!


Kyle Gantz, “Sergeant of Police” in Pirates of Penzance
Meet Kyle Gantz! Beloved by Anchorage audiences Kyle has performed in over 30 of our shows beginning when he was just in high school! Kyle is a home grown AO STAR!

Katie Strock, “Kate” in Pirates of Penzance
Meet Katie Strock! Katie wears many hats with us & ALL of them very well! Katie is passionate about AO & we’re passionate about her!