30 Days of MAGIC – A Virtual Backstage Pass


You’re invited to our 30 Days of MAGIC journey. Each day in December we took you ‘behind-the-scenes’ as we shared a video from one of our AO family members telling you about the ‘role’ they play with us! You can still join us on anytime our YouTube Channel as our incredible team of Singers, Conductors, Stage Directors, Orchestra Musicians, Lighting Designers, Props Master, Artist Hosts, Community Education Partners (& MORE) treat you to a glimpse behind the curtain!

It takes a lot of people to make the MAGIC happen. Meet them all & become a part of the MAGIC with your support!
Your gift helps us survive the pandemic to make MAGIC again for our community!


(“ANCHORAGE OPERA!” Based on “Into the Unknown” – Frozen 2. Created & produced with original lyrics by Rachel Policar)
“It starts with music on the page, you see the MAGIC up on the stage. There’s a thousand details and we all must play our parts. There’s a role for you now. Will you help us save the arts?“…


Everyone who made a gift in December to Anchorage Opera was automatically entered to win our dazzling, beaded, ONE-OF-A-KIND Queen of the Night Mask, created in our Costume Shop, with built-in filter pocket and one N95 filter included!
CONGRATULATIONS Tim Pearson & thank you ALL for your support!

It takes a lot of people to make the MAGIC happen. Meet them all & become a part of the MAGIC with your support!

CLICK on each photo below to WATCH each AO family member’s VIDEO


Zachary James, Bass-Baritone

Dawn Lindsay, Concert Master

Catalina Cuervo, Soprano

Katie Eakes, Principal Bassist

Cedar Cussins, Lighting Designer

Lindsay Ohse, Soprano

Cady Lynn O’Brien, Dancer

Peter Scott Drackley, Tenor

Kira Neta Apaachuaq Eckenweiler, Soprano

Katie Strock, Children’s Chorus Master

Corliss Kimmel, Percussionist

Kyle Gantz – Bass-Baritone

Blake Friedman, Tenor

Seth Eggleston, Stage Manager

Mike Daniels – Prop Master

Curt Olds, Baritone

Rachel Policar, Soprano

Melinda Deal, Teacher

Brian DeMaris, Principal Conductor

Reed Smith, General Director

‘Queen of the Night’ Mask Giveaway

Kate Egan, Soprano

Tim Pearson, Special Events & Guest Artists Host

Laura Alley, Stage Director

AS ONE – Behind the scenes with KTVA

Colin Roshak, Clarinetist

Lisa Willis, Mezzo Soprano

Kate Bass, Kaylee Wagle, Anna Cometa, Sopranos

Tim Pearson (PART 2), Guest Artists & Special Events Host

Don Endres, AO Foundation President, Singer & E.N.T

Neda St. Clair, Pianist, Rehearsal Accompanist, Chorus Master